It is such a fabulous country full of  Wonder attractions and nice passionate Entertaiments that is has definitively perfect cut for a fine Mice Trip


  • although the Country is considered the most ‘european’ one of the Latin Continent due to its sophisticated atmosphere, the European Travellers just love it thanks to its remarkable touch of wild spirit
  • the all Country offers a wide choice of Hotels from a 5 stars to Luxury and a huge variety of Lodging in a country-chic style that simply enchant the Mice clientele
  • Argentina offers many high standard Logisticl Ground Services in every field to make an event a guaranteed success
  • Argentina is a land full of  Natural Wonders such as the amazing spectacle of the Glaciar National Park, the Patagonia’s eye-catching beauty, the unique light of the Tierra del Fuego , the natural sanctuary of Punta Valdes and the wonderful Iguazù Falls
  • its capital Buenos Aires also called the ‘Paris of Latin America’ is rich in cultural attractions: magnifencent historical buildings, colorful districts, fun shopping areas, deliciosu typical reasturants, passionate tango Clubs , Bars, enchanting Suburbs and great nightlife entertaiments
  • being strucked by the spectacular shows of Glaciers Dumping Chunks of ice into the chilling water at the Glaciers National Park
  • dancing the most passionate Tango the in middle of the pretty neighborhood of  Saint Telmo in Buenos Aires
  • assisting to an exciting Polo Game played by world champion players
  • enjoyng the world’s most tastiest meat: Asado, expertly cooked by autentic Gauchos
  • charmed by the beatutiful boutique shops line the streets of Palermo Soho, the creative design district in Buenos Aires
  • spending a full day at the amazing countryside in a tipical Estancia endulging the wild authentic spirit of its rural inhabitants
  • and much more to discover


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Golden Tips
  • minimum stay 6 nights
  • best season: from October to June
  • the Trip: Buenos Aires and Calafate
  • do not miss: taste the unique Crabs overlooking the majestic of the Glaciar
  • minimun budget for a complete Mice Program starting from €2.000 p.p.


Argentina is a wide enchanting Country at the very south of American Continent, plenty of precious silence and amazing landscapes crossing its famous regions such as Pampa , Patagonia and Antartica contrasting with the cheerful and colored regions of Salta, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls.

Buenos Aires,  is a seductive world capital famous for itsd monuments and world renowned culture. It is dynamic, sophisticated and overwhelming combination of Eurpoean flair and the charme of Latin American cities. The city, as well as its inhabitants, is characterized by pride in its character and uniqueness: the book readers in outdoor cafès, tha dances in the smoky tango bars, the exciting shopping. Buenos Aires has one of the greatest entertaiment and nightlife scenes in the world: Theathres, Tango Show, Bars, Clubs and great Venues

The city is broken up by little barrios, each one with its personality, the heart of the city is the elegant and prestigious Recoleta, the trendy and vibrant Palermo, the timeless and tango’s soul  San Telmo, the picturesque and fun Porto Madeiro and the colorful popular neighborhood of La Boca.

The outside of the busy Buenos Aires is simply amazing: a countryside, the Pampa, characterized by many beautiful Estancias, guest ranches which are traditional rural estate ideal for enjoing nature from perspecting of an authentic working Argentina ranch. One day full-immersed in the typical countryside life style: be impressed by the  Gauchos shows on horses and  an exquisite Asado grilled out of doors on the range. An experience that can easily considered as the Top Moment of your Trip… pretty much Mice ‘style’.


land of wanders, strongly suggested to live Argentina at the most!

El Calafate is the center and gateway to exploring the amazing wonders of nature: the majestic of  The Perrito  Moreno is the true highlight of this destination along with the Upsala Glacier and others on Glacier National Park The exciting well orgnized Tracking on top of these magnificences is worth the trip

Bariloche and the Lake Region, much resembles of European alpin resorts with spectacular surrounding scenary. Bariloche is the little beautiful city from where you can take a trip around beautiful lakes.

Peninsula Valdes and Atlantic Patagonia is a national habitat of various Patagonian animals: go whale watching, visit a huge pinguin colony, observe sea lions and a huge variaty of birds. Porto Madrin is the base of exploration of the pensinsula

Usuahia and Tierra del Fuego is the southern tip of Argentina, called Tierra del Fuego, with its magnificent and historic ocean channels very close access to the Antartic. A destination known for its chilly exoticism and glaciar splendor. Unforgettable cruises on Beagle channel make you realized that you are at the real end of the world!

The vast Patagonia offers ideal lodging for Mice Trip, hotels are built in places of great beauty and do maximize the experience of visiting the region. Luxurios options are availble in the unique patagonian style.


Salta is a north province characterized by vastly diverse terrains such as the fertile valley of the capital, the polychrome canyons of Cafajate and the desolate Plateaus of La Puna. Salta city is the best preserved colonial architecture: the narrow streets and charming plazas of the city remain as quiet as gracious as they have existed for centuries. The best attractions of the region are the magnificent landscapes of the Hill of the Seven Colores and the Train to the Clouds. Salta, could be a pretty alternative for a Mice Trip to Argentina suggested for small groups and for ones which have alredy been visiting Patagonia.

Mendoza is located in the northwest Country and serves as gateway to high Andes and the Chilean border. The region has reached a worldwide popularity thanks to the vast vineyard which produce more than 70% of all the appreciated Argentine wine. Wine Tours are very nicely organized: stopping by pretty vineries and testing the excellent and appreciated product of this region is fun.  It is a nice alternative  destination for a succesful Mice Trip  in Argentina


one of the planet’s most insipring sight!

Iguazù is a wow factor on its own for its aoutstanding two miles waterfull in lenght and more than 240 feet in height!

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