Halo Infinite Season 5 launches on October 17, and with it comes new cosmetics, two new maps, the Extraction game mode, and a number of quality-of-life features.

Extraction, a mode from Halo 4 originally, is a 5v5 objective match. Players must place a beacon at specific points on the map and guard it from enemy interference. Guarding a beacon until it is "extracted" grants a point, but the enemy team will get a point if they can convert it. Extraction has been revamped for Infinite, but 343 Industries has not revealed any of the changes yet.

The first new map is called Prism, and it takes place in an underground crystal mine. Players can shoot crystals in the wall, launching "needler-like" projectiles that can track and kill enemies. The second map is called Forbidden. It is set in a Forerunner temple, reminiscent of Halo 2.

When the update drops, players can add enemy AI to Forge creations, populating their maps with Grunts, Brutes, and other enemies. Accordingly, at some point after October 17, Halo Infinite will add a Firefight: King of the Hill mode, where players cooperatively battle waves of AI enemies on multiplayer maps.

The season will bring new cosmetics, of course, some of which are flood-inspired weapons and armor. However, the update also revamps cosmetic progression in the battle pass and events (now styled as Operations). Cosmetics will also work across more armor cores. For example, players will be able to equip any helmet with any armor core. Similarity, coatings (i.e. armor color schemes) players unlock as part of the Season 5 battle pass will work across every armor core.

The battle pass will now be just 50 tiers, with 20 tiers including free content, but boasts a similar amount of cosmetics as prior battle passes. Players can also level up the battle pass by playing custom games.

Operations are much like events, in that they offer free cosmetics and specific modes for a limited time. However, operations will last much longer, approximately four or six weeks depending on the operation. You can also purchase operations for 500 credits in the shop, even long after they have expired. That purchase also unlocks a bonus cosmetic. For 2000 credits, you can unlock the entire pass and the bonus cosmetic without grinding. Progressing through the Operation's mini pass will be based on Match XP, rather than challenge completion. Two operations are slated to premiere during Season 5: "Combined Arms" on November 14 and "Winter Contingency III" on December 19.