Brazil: the One of a Kind MICE Destination



When the Mice Travel Business was born Brazil was there and still is as a one of most requested destination!


  • Brazil has decades of experience in Mice Business therefore all Services are very well structured and adapted for the most picky requests
  • is such a marvellous and desired Land that it is not a 'ONE TIME TRIP'. Many international big companies have repeated this trip over and over again for a granted exit
  • the extraordinary cheerfuness Inhabitants and its exciting Music from the Samba to the sophisticated Bossa Nova
  • this huge Land has been truly blessed with the richness of Natural Wonders
  • its Cities and Towns offer so many different cultures, beauty, modernity : Brazilia, Sau Paulo, Florianopolis, Salvador de Bahia and magic RIO de JANEIRO are so different that you never get bored
  • one of the greatest event in the all world is still the amazing CARNIVAL, an experience that milion dream of
  • Brazil offers a huge MICE choice of  programs suitable for any BUDGET! From a resting 'all inclusive' resort on the beach, to an appealing tour including Iguazu' Falls or  Amazon and one of its great Cities or a simply stay in the one and only Rio de Janeiro


UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (in oro nche asterischi) in Brazil for your extrordinary Events, Incentives & Convention

  • relaxing  on one of the endless beaches of this incredible Land, sipping an authentic Mojito
  • overviewing  the magnificent Rio Bay from the top of the famous Sugar Loaf
  • tasting the delicious Churrasco in one of  the many typical restaurants
  • seatting  & relaxing  in one of the several top roof bars or clubs enjoying the sophisticated Bossa Nova sound
  • learning how to dance the cheerful Samba or to cook the typical Brazilian Food ..where? on the beach!
  • taking part to one of the many solidarity programs benefit a 'Favela' and receive live thanks 
  • ENJOY our 2 Mice Exclusive Programs Riofun & Recifefun



WHY CHOOSE NORTH SIDE ( in oro anche asterischi)

Golden Vip World was so happy to have such a well appreciated and popular Dmc that never lets you down


  • North Side is the first Destination Management Company with Controlled & Guaranteed Quality
  • North Side offers a unique Brazil on a silver tray thanks to its high motivated and flexible Staff
  • North Side always finds a best possible valued Program according to a budget given
  • North Side in the last two decades of operation has served many large multinational Companies with great feedbacks
  • last but not least beacuse North Side created, Brazilfun a branch of the company which aims to provide maximum Fun & Satisfaction to all clients by its exclusive programs :RioFun & ReficeFun



Golden Tips


  • Minimun stay 5 nights
  • Best Season: from November to May, but weather if pleasant all year around
  • The Trip: Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu' Falls
  • Do Not Miss: A Samba Party Night
  • Minimum budget for a complete Mice program: € 1,400.00 p.p.
  • Best Advice : Pick our Exclusive programs : RioFun or RecifeFun (see detailed programs below)

(picture of the Gran Melia - Rio de Janeiro)


                                                      We Transformed the Carioca City into an Urban Resort

RIOFUN is a mice program that take place in RIO de JANEIRO. It can be personalized by the number of nights desidered and hotel 's choice: 4 nights  or 5 nights  

hotel proposed: Gran Melia Melia 5***** or Royal Tulip***


Starting from the value cost of 865 up to 1.250 us dollars p.p. the RIOFUN program includes: 1)all transfers 2)early check in in hotels 3)American buffet breakfast 4)Accommodtion in double room, 5)all meals: in Hotel, on the Beach and Fancy restaurants 6)full day exciting classical Excursion in Rio 7)private full equiped beach 8)Amico di Rio'  our friendly staff at your disposal for exclusive daily fun experiences such as : entertaiment on the beach, bicycle rides, easy trekking & landscaping of the city, after dinner fun, shopping to the great local new designer , take you to discover the hidden spots of downtown 9) shuttle mini bus at disposal 10) farewell dinner in elegant Venues



RECIFEFUN is a mice program that takes place at Porto de Galinha (a small village close to Recife town )

Hotel Enotel Resort & Spa 5*****

Starting from the value cost of € 1.345 p.p. the RECIFEFUN program includes:  1)International return flight departing from Milano direct to Refice by Meridiana Air Company 2) Transfers from Airport to the Resort 3) RecifeFun Staff assitance 4)Seven nights accommodation in double room in Enotel Resort & Spa  in 'all inclusive' formula 5) Farewell dinner in exclusive spot of the Resort


     (picture of Hotel Enotel & Spa)                                                                


The magnificence of the vast land of Brazil is due to its energetic lust for life, exotic rhythms and its amazing blend of landscapes and cultures. Its natural wonders range from the mighty Amazon river and the world’s largest rainforest to wild waterfalls of Iguazu, flat-topped mountains, expansive grasslands, immense dunes, unspoiled tropical beaches and an astonishing variety of flora and fauna.

The immense coast of Brazil is full of thousands different bays: huge, small, wild, chic, exclusive!

The well-preserved historic town such as Salvador de Bahia; the futuristic capital Brasilia that features striking design; Rio de Janeiro, one of the most spectacular spots on earth, where lush mountains plunge into the tropical sea. From Sugar Loaf mountain you can survey the skip-a-beat views down to the world-famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Maracana Stadium that is the symbol of the most popular passion: football.

But it is its large number of beautiful villages set like precious emeralds in this land such as the incredible archipelago Fernando de Noronha, the chic Troncoso, elegant Arraial D’Ajuda, wonderful Santa Caterina that make Brazil comparable to the Heaven on Earth!


BRAZIL: Natural Luxury - Golden Vip World


the accommodation

The high aesthetic sense of the beauty from the Brazilian architects, designers and artists create a wide range of refined unique and beautiful products. Exclusivity, elegance, sophistication and comfort are words that define the variety of accommodation: we assure a strong bargaining power and competitive rates on the MICE market with International hotel chains, luxury hotels, cozy little pousadas, boutique properties. 


BRAZIL: Natural Luxury - Golden Vip World


the cuisine

Brazilian cuisine is delicious and amazingly divers thanks to the earth gifts offered by this incredible land and ocean: meat, seafood, shellfish , tropical and juicy fruits. The skilled professionals in this industry transformed a simple food  into marvelous dishes always served with a great charming style.

Chiringuitos on the Beach, restaurants with an amazing view, eccentric, extravagant, typical, classical, chic, personal catering; this huge offer makes you live a unique experience during your meals.


the transportation

Such a wide Country needs a top level service in transportation: we may provide you the most comfortable luxurious and reliable transportation in the air or on the ground, hands down. We offer limousines, helicopter, van, jet charter with excellent service exceeding your expectation.

Not least luxury Cruises on the Amazon River



the nightlife

A unique choice of design bar, private clubs, fancy disco, romantic beach.  All full of energy and atmosphere with Samba! Everywhere you may be in Brazil you will find the ideal spot to spend beautifully the last part of your day in this Country! We may provide the best table for you!