Let’s first introduce us: Manuela & Pucci.. nice to meet you!

We established our Company , Golden Vip World in 2005, after their long experience in the Tourism Field.

2 years ago, we opened  a new branch of the Company totally devoted to the Incoming Field to our territory: Come to Como Lake


Come to Como Lake has become one of the most appreciated city in Italy, its tourism has grown up hugely and very fast.

It’s here where we were born! Tourism is our  blood as daughters of hoteliers! So putting all our experiences in Tourism in our own city is quite natural..

Come to Como Lake is located in the heart of the city.

Our motto is : “The art of excellence!”

    The strong points of our Company are:

     Small, selected staff which is professional, dynamic,            multilingual  enduring answer to your every need

    Deep Knowledge of the territory

    Great Flexbility

    Fast and accurate answers

    Hight level services according to one’s budget

    Selection of the best suppliers on site

    The targets of the Company are:

    Tailor made Individual trips,

    Business traveller


    M.I.C.E ( see section dedicated below)


    Ground and lake transfers, by luxury, modern and vintage boats and cars

    Transport & logistics

    Authentic and unique experience

    Evening functions in beautiful Villas on the Lake


    Hospitality staff

    AV and Entertainment

    Corporate gifts

    Evening theming

    Food & Beverage



    Production & AV

    Entertainment & staging

    Site Selection

    Hospitality Services

    Professional Local Staffing



    Speaker Selection & Coordination

    Photography & Video

    Team Building Events

    Ticketing for Events & festival

    Restaurant reservation




    Its unique balance between Japan’s ancient traditions and its modern outlook makes this destination incredibly fascinating!

    Japan is well-known throughout the world for its sophisticated and  high standards of living is identify with its Capital Tokyo and the cultured Kyoto which cover major sightseeing spots.


    it is the Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis and without any doubt is a city which offers one of largest choice in terms of Ground Services ideal for the Mice Market!

    Nobody can avoid to be overwhelmed  by an intense fascination of this charming city rich of elegant contrasts. Its beauty lies in its versatility: from the amazing skyscrapers to the ancient Temples, from a business man in an impeccable black suit to a wonderful girl in an amazing Kimono, from the magnificent and peaceful Ueno Park to the Roppongi district elegant and vibrant which never sleeps.

    Tokyo today offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertaiment, culture, dining. It counts 23 different districts  in the city. The most popular are: Asakusa with its atmosphere of old Tokyo, you may appreciate the city’s history in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens. Rappongi Hills,  the example of a ‘city within the city’ is the heart of modern entertainment and shopping of Tokyo: strolling around shops, restaurants, art museums and reaching the top of the observation deck of the Mori Tower where you will indulge the best Tokyo City View. Shiunjuku a vibrant, colorful and lighting area of Tokyo, takes its name from the rail station, one of the busiest in the world with its more than 2.000.000 passengers per day. Hundreds restaurants, shops, bars, clubs karaokes… its a lot of fun. Contrary to common perception, Tokyo also offers a number of attractive green spaces like parks, imperial gardens. The highlight is Shinjuku Gyoen, a vast park where you may enjoy the best spot of the city’s cherry blossoms.



    Kyoto is synonymous of traditionl Japan having the highest concentration of cultures and tresures of the entire Country. Today ,Kyoto’s many attractions include temples, shrines, gardens and other historic buildings many of which are part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

    Kingakuji and Ginkakugj

    Kingakuji is one of the most recognized building in Kyoto, also called the Golden Pavillion, whose top two floors are covered in gold leaves. Kingakuji is today the most beautiful Temple of the city.

    Ginkakuji with the silver pavillion, has also became a site of Unesco Heritage although it was never covered in silver. Ginkakuji became the base for contemporary Japanese culture which has a great impact on the Japonese society nationwide and sponds many traditions that represent Japonase culture today such as tea ceremony, poetry and garden design.

    In Kyoto it is easy to be enchanted  by the magnificent Temples and Shrines,  its  incredible Food Markets, renowned shops of Refined Ceramics, gain access to Imperial Villas and Private Gardens such as Katsura RikyuShugakuin and Saihoji, stroll through a Bamboo Forest and the Geisha district.

    Japan offers you to live the high standard experience from energetic trendy big cities to peacefull rural areas.

    The alluring diversity which characterized this Country is also the unknown hidden gems of Japan: NikkoKamakuraNaraHakoneOkayamaNaoshima IslandGocoyama and the world wide symbo of Mount Fuji


    Japan, one of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations!the Japan hs  incredible food culture and variety of types of cuisine, from authentic Japanese home cooking, to refined kaiseki and Zen vegetarian temple cuisine,  ending to the internationally acclaimed restaurants. (Tokyo has more stars in the prestigious Michelin Guidebook than any other city in the world). Begin from a local Fish Market and food specialty shops until the so chicpresentation of the dishes. The View is the first sense that must be satisfied in the Japanese Culture. From noodles to sashimisushi, tempura, unique delicious shabu shabu, to indulgence French cuisine, Japan has the food to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

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